Take the Next Step in Your Yoga Journey this Winter, 2021

In The River’s 200 Hour yoga teacher training you will explore the history, philosophy, anatomy, energies, ethics and business of yoga. You will complete the training with an expanded understanding of yoga, a higher self-awareness and the tools to confidently and safely lead vinyasa yoga classes. Whether or not you chooses to teach public classes or simply enrich your understanding of yoga, this training will deliver a well-rounded experience for all. Upon completion of this yoga teacher training you will have achieved the necessary requirements for 200 hour yoga certification through Yoga Alliance.

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What to Expect

The River 200-hour offers a well-rounded training experience including lecture, discussion, practical application, and experiential learnings. It is an encouraging and challenging program that meets the needs of many learning styles.

The River 200-hour training aims to not only be sure trainees are able to convey a 60-minute power vinyasa sequence, but that they do so in their own voice and style. We teach clear and concise cuing with a focus on inclusive language and modifications to be sure all students abilities are met.

The River YTT is committed to offering aspects of yoga that are necessary to have a well rounded understanding of yoga tradition as well as innovation to best serve our time and culture. Philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology, and personal development anchor the instruction of yoga teaching.

The River training and leaders are highly experienced having hosted 2-3 yoga teacher trainings per year and a broad range of continuing education programs for yoga teachers since 2013.


  • Be able to teach a well rounded Power Vinyasa yoga sequence
  • Speak to the anatomical alignment of these yoga poses
  • Deliver cues that any student can understand
  • Learn how to modify this sequence to meet the needs of many different yogic bodies, including, but not limited to, pre and post natal yogis, differently abled, and students with backgrounds more diverse than the often marketed image of a yoga student
  • Understand how to make changes to this sequence to add additional poses in a safe and effective manner
  • Learn physical assists to support a student on the mat
  • Be able to speak to and apply the Eight Limbed Yogic path to themselves and yoga students
  • Study the history of yoga and how it made its way to the west
  • Explore Ayurveda (sister science to yoga) and its relationship to yoga instruction
  • Receive public speaking coaching and feedback
  • Create themes that inspire the physical work of yoga


  1. Apply at 200 Hour
  2. Register and submit $500 non-refundable* deposit here: Deposit.
    • Early Bird Deadline 12/1. Save $250!
  3. You will be notified of an admissions decision via email. If admitted you will be provided with next steps to complete enrollment.

*Deposit will be refunded to those not admitted to teacher training.

Information + Info Dates

Please join us to learn more, ask any questions you may have, meet your instructors and other teacher trainees.

  • Tuesday, December 15 at 7pm at our Golden Triangle Location. Option to take the 5:30pm class with Katy on the house.
  • Saturday, January 9 at 11:30am at our Golden Triangle Location. Option to take the 10am class with Whitney on the house.

How to Prepare

A full list of what to bring and requirements will be sent upon acceptance to the training. Most importantly, we ask that you come with an open mind and heart.

The training will take place from January 21st to April 4th, 2021.

Every Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm Via recorded content and every Thursday 5-9pm Via Zoom. Alternating weekends 8:30am-6:30pm:

  • January 23 & 24
  • February 6 & 7
  • February 20 & 21
  • March 6 & 7
  • March 20 & 21
  • April 3 & 4

I don’t think I want to be a yoga teacher? Is that okay?

Of course it’s ok! The River teacher training is a whole life experience. You will learn the confidence to speak powerfully in front of people. To convey the knowledge you learn and the knowledge that’s already in you. You will be in the best shape of your life, feel amazing and inspired. You will make life long friendships with your community and with yourself. You will shed layers, become even lighter and you can always teach later if you change your mind. Or not!

What does “Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training” mean?

Yoga Alliance creates the structure that legitimizes teacher training programs. They created the criteria that studios need to meet in order for training to be endorsed. When The River teacher training content was created, it was created with the 200 hour Yoga Alliance standards and criteria in mind. Since then, Yoga Alliance has certified our 200 hour teacher training and The River is committed to continuing to meet their expectations as they deliver future trainings.

What happens if I need to miss a day during the teacher training course?

Stress not! We will be offering make up hours! Even if you need to miss 10%, that’s a whole weekend, you can catch up. While we know you won’t want to miss a second, we understand that life happens. You will receive the content for your missed session and/or come to a make up session. If you know in advance what date you’ll miss, even better!

Do I have to be at a “certain level” of yoga to do training? Do I need to be able to do crow/handstand/insert any pose name to do a yoga teacher training?

A variety of experience levels is expected and appreciated in The River Teacher Training Program. Beginner students make great teachers as they have a fresh perspective and remember what it’s like to be new. No specific amount of yoga experience is required. Participants will practice yoga often to learn what each pose feels like in their bodies. In the last teacher training program we had students that had been practicing yoga anywhere from 6 months to 10 years.

I have completed a power vinyasa teacher training already. Will I benefit from this 200 hour yoga training or should I look for an “advanced” training?

You will absolutely benefit from the training. Between The River’s trainers, faculty, guest speakers, fellow trainees and alumni, you will surely learn something brand new about yoga and yourself. This will be a completely unique experience. In our last teacher training, we had established teachers attend and they certainly benefited as their teaching is even stronger now!

Will I be able to get a yoga teaching job when this is over?

At the competition of The River teacher training, if all expectations of the training have been met, you will receive a 200 hour yoga certification for our program. Almost all studios, gyms, and other facilities offering yoga require a minimum of 200 hours of yoga teacher training. In that regard, you will absolutely be qualified. At The River, we are committed to not creating a teacher training factory line. We will invest in each and every participant. While we are unable to declare that we will hire everyone, The River has created an internship program that reflects our commitment to the growth of every teacher training graduate.

Does your program create cookie-cutter classes or do we create our own classes/sequences? What about my authenticity?

The River is invested in authentic teachers. As a student at The River, every class is different and based on the teacher’s view of power yoga. In our training, we begin with a sequence skeleton. This sequence was thoughtfully created to benefit students and teachers alike. Throughout the 11 weeks of training and the internship that can follow, participants will use “our sequence” to enhance and accelerate their learning. While the sequence is set, we will also lead two weekends worth of sequencing and give trainees an opportunity to begin practicing their own formation of intelligent and impactful sequences. We believe that using a sequence AND teaching sequencing is the most optimal way to prepare teachers to serve students.



Payment includes unlimited yoga at The River for the duration of the training (active memberships will be frozen) and a detailed training manual.

Payment plans are available for a small fee. Investment includes unlimited yoga at all River studios for the duration of the training (active memberships will be frozen) and detailed training manual.


Scholarships are available, but closed for our winter 2021 training at this time. Contact katy@weseektheriver.com for information on how to apply for future trainings.

Lead Instructors

Katy Rowe

Katy found yoga 10 years ago at her father’s insistence. It was not love at first pose. She says something deeper kept her returning to the sometimes painful reflection of her mat. Life just kept leading her back to yoga and the teaching of. Katy has been a steward of yoga for 8 years. She loves sharing this ancient wisdom and medicine with whomever will listen.

500 Hour RYT, Co-Lead for YTT – 200 Hour, Accessible Yoga Certified, Studio Manager

Katy’s Teaching Style: genuine, awake, intense, humorous and solidarity

Jennifer Jarrett River Yoga Studio Instructor

Jennifer Jarrett

Jennifer offers a sweet, sweaty and soulful vinyasa flow. Her classes are an open invitation to move and breathe from a place of gratitude and love and to connect to body, breath, emotions, and heart. She teaches Bhakti Flow (the yoga of love and devotion) classes, workshops and serves as guest faculty to teacher trainings around the country. She has been teaching since 2007 and is grateful to have been influenced by many teachers, while having trained most extensively with Rusty Wells and Saul David Raye. She served as co-director for Rusty Wells’ Bhakti Flow Teacher Trainings in San Francisco for three years.  Authentic and compassionate, Jennifer’s classes are steeped in the deep roots of Yoga and the tradition of Bhakti but are also totally relevant and accessible to the modern, urban yogi.

500 Hour RYT, Co-Lead for YTT – 200 Hour

Jennifer’s Teaching Style: soulful, empowering, heartfelt, genuine and grounding

Whitney Maas

Whitney is a transplant from the west, growing up in Arizona riding horses with no neighbors in sight. A bookworm at heart who didn’t find yoga until 2008 when she moved to Colorado and tried her first hot yoga class with a new co-worker. She was immediately hooked and maintained her own practice for several years. After working as a librarian for a few years, she decided her passion was guiding others on their wellness journey and became a personal trainer. A year later she found The River and knew it would be her home. She includes many tools from her kit as a trainer to ensure anatomical safety while also geeking out with book, film and musical references.

In Whitney’s class you can expect to flow to some fun music with high energy and an emphasis on alignment and appropriate adjustments for your individual practice. Be prepared to smile and work hard while gaining a little insight into yourself.

Whitney is a Certified Personal Trainer with a Corrective Exercise Specialist certificate. She also teaches bootybarre and is MMA Conditioning Certified.

River Graduate; 500RYT and Yin Teacher

River Graduate; 500RYT and Yin Teacher

Whitney’s teaching style: Lively, introspective, strengthening, bright and knowledgeable.