Author: Sadie Cole, 500 RYT at The River Yoga

The Spirit of The River Yoga

A THIRD SPACE is where “people meet to unwind, discuss and talk about things that matter to them, their neighborhood and their community, where they can let down their guard, relax, be themselves, develop new friendships and deepen existing ones… it’s a space distinct from the work environment where communication and interaction can be functional, stereotyped, superficial and distinct from the domestic space of home and family life.” (Ray Olenburg). 

The River is made up of just under 500 unique individuals who come from different backgrounds. What we all have in common, is the THIRD SPACE we all call hOMe. The River would not be all that it is without our members, our family, our people. The ones that SHOW UP, that give our teachers a job, that give our space a purpose, that give our studio breath and spirit. 

This September, we honor YOU.  Here is a glimpse of some of those that create the spirit of the River Yoga…

Molly Clarke discovered the River through her friend Briana. The River is her hOMe because she is at peace the moment she walks through the doors. She shares that, There is something so special in the air here that really allows me to drop in and connect with my highest self.”

Molly is one of our dedicated 6am yogis. She has the RISE membership because she practices 4-5 times a week. Why does she practice? “Oh my goodness, where do I even begin!? Yoga brings such joy, balance, wisdom, love, and positivity into my life. I’m so grateful for this practice and can’t wait to continue my yoga journey at the River.”

The River would not be the same without her smiling face! To someone who is thinking about joining the River, Molly says, “DO IT! Your life will be enhanced in the most magical way and you will be surrounded by some incredible humans. Yoga is never a bad idea, right? :)”

Vikas Aurora defines hOMe as “a place you can be you, a place with a strong vibe of love, care and growth and a place where you truly find peace.” His first River class was with Katy Rowe, and he’s been hooked ever since.

Vikas is one of our committed METTA members. He practices 3-4 times per week. You’ll typically see him working hard in the back row of the studio! He also loves the convenience that comes with the Metta membership. He spins once a week so loves the access to our elite partner cycling studio. (Did you know that with the METTA membership you can practice once a week at High Ride, Fitness and the City, AND the Bar Method?

The River brings a lot of value to Vikas’s life, and he brings a lot of value to the River. He has a warm presence every time he walks through the door. To anyone thinking about becoming a member, he says Support the institution, grow your practice, and be a part of an incredible community!”

Rachel Kaplan found the River at a very transitional time in her life. She had just moved to Denver, given birth to 3 kids, and was full of questions and doubts about her path ahead. Her friend brought her to Kad

y Lafferty’s class, and she immediately found a home. She explains that, “the River felt like a safe landing, a space for me to connect with myself, a place to get strong, get brave, and find stillness in the upheaval around me.”

Rachel has been a part of the River community in many different ways. Her favorite River memory is participating in the 200 hour Teacher Training in 2017. She loves to learn and has made so many strong friendships. Her yoga practices helps unveil her life’s purpose.

As a busy mother of 3, she does practice frequently at home. This is why she chose the ROOT membership, so that she can still attend a community class once a week for motivation and inspiration.

Rachel is proud of her hOMe and is always proud to share the studio with her friends. It wouldn’t be the same without her!

 Aurora Sisernos happened upon the River through google maps. Soon, she learned that the studio was much more than a convenient location and place to work out. She says that “the instructors seem to know exactly what I need (both physically and mentally) to get a daily dose of much needed balance.”

You can typically find Aurora at the 6am classes, getting in her yoga before her work day! She loves starting her day with an open mind and an open heart.

Aurora shared the personal story that brought her to yoga;“After seeing my grandmother struggle with tasks in an assisted living center, I decided I was going to take THE BEST care of my spine that I could! I saw her challenges with old age, and I really wanted to make a life change in my 40’s (before I was too old and set in my ways, ha!) to set me on a better path in this second half of my life. This membership allows me to attend classes whenever I need, and also gives me 4 classes a month at Fitness in the City, too. I’m determined to keep my spine supple and my bones strong!”

To anyone considering joining the River, she says, “You are in for a very beautiful and honest experience! I can’t wait to see where The River takes you!”

Jared Miller has a one-of-a-kind energy, and we are lucky that he graces us with it at the River. He shares that, “walking through the door provides me a sense of community, calm, and focus I can’t find anywhere else.”

Jared took his first ever yoga class at the River with is friend Feather, and has never looked back. He practices 4-6 times a week, so he loves his RISE membership, since he gets unlimited classes. He says that, “this membership brings incredible value to my life by providing a way to reduce stress and anxiety and challenge myself physically.”

Jared has a few favorite memories from his time at the River; “The first time I heard Kady Lafferty’s end of class devotion, I was overcome with happiness and appreciation.  The first time I experienced a truly LOUD OM in one of Jennifer Jarrett’s classes was pretty amazing. The first time I realized it was OK to let loose and dance to a funny song in one of Sadie Cole’s classes added  a level of understanding of how to make a class my own. The final thing I’ll mention is the overwhelming sense of accomplishment I felt the first time I mastered a more advanced pose. This happened again just last week and I couldn’t stop smiling.”

We so appreciate Jared’s presence in our space, and it wouldn’t be the same without him.

To these five members, and to every single other, we thank you and we cherish you. How lucky are we to have a space to be fully ourselves, to be challenged, and to grow into who we want to be.

I was a River member before I became a teacher. Some days, it is the only place in this world where I know I belong. The River chose you, and me, and us. We belong. 

About the Author: Sadie’s mission is to help heal the physical and mental pain we all have by remembering and reminding that we are more the same than we are different. She shares her voice through teaching yoga at The River, writing blogs, and singing with her Ukulele. She hopes that by being vulnerable herself, others will feel empowered to join too. Sadie is a practitioner, teacher and student of yoga. She uses the founding principles of the practice to guide her own growth and writing outside of the studio. Learn more about her journey.

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