Meet Our Newest Yoga Teachers

Meet our Newest Magic Makers aka Teachers!

For us, teaching at The River Yoga is a dream come true. This past Tuesday, as I sat next to 35 students laying in Savasana, I felt empowered like I never have before. And so it is an honor to introduce several new teachers at The River Yoga. Please shake up your schedule and take their classes and enjoy this human experience of connection to the Self (I) and more importantly others (WE).  


Ash Mills 

      If you are looking for a teacher who will give you the space to breathe and relate to your personal journey through sharing her own, take Ash’s class. You will leave feeling calm and held. Not only does she keep our Five Points location running flawlessly, but she also holds space like no one else. 

When asked why she teaches, she humbly explains… “When I first started practicing, I admired my teachers ability to hold space, the wisdom of what they had to share, and the work they must have done to get there. I found The River when I was going through a tough season in my life and being on my mat allowed me to find the sanctuary and reprieve I longed for. I teach because I want to create that space for others.”

Where and when can you find her?!

Power Vinyasa Tuesdays 4pm @ Five Points

Power Vinyasa Fridays 12pm @ FIve Points

Kelsey Grady

Kelsey exudes kindness. If you ever have struggled with physical pain (especially in your back), please join Kelsey in exploring how yoga can help us access a new way of living with pain.

When asked why she teaches, she explains “My goal with teaching is to add to the inviting space The River has already created. I want everyone to feel welcomed no matter what level they are at. As well as take yoga outside of our 4 walls and find spaces where people would not necessarily seek out yoga themselves. This practice has become so important to me and my lifestyle and I truly believe everyone would be a little better off with just one yoga class added to their schedule every week.” 

When and where can you find her?! 

Thursday | 12pm Power Vinyasa @ Five Points


Ashley Goodwin

If you love music, poetry, yoga, or all three, go check out Ashley’s magical classes. You might get lucky to experience songs, chants or live music on her viola! 

When asked why she teaches, she powerfully explains, I teach yoga because it is my life’s purpose to hold space for people in times of healing. To see them before they are willing to see themselves.It makes me feel alive to help people feel and work through life’s nuances and challenges in a tangible way on the mat.”

When and where can you find her?!

 Tuesday | 7pmDeep Stretch & Meditation @ Five Points 

Friday | 6:45pm (May become 7pm) @ Golden Triangle


Brianna Johnson

Brianna creates a space for humans to connect through eye contact or a smile. She believes that human connection strengthens the connection between the body and breath. 

When asked why she teaches, she explains, “Providing a healing, reflective yoga class connects me to my students so profoundly. Connection to breath, body, self and others is what it is all about for me.”

When and where can you find her?!

Friday | 5:45pm Deep Stretch and Meditation @ Five Points 



Preston Slaughter

Preston’s classes are unique because of her deep understanding of breath and body awareness. She provides her students a space to connect within.

When asked why she teaches, she explains, “I teach yoga to help people use the tools they already have to help cope with stress management and navigate the ins and outs of life.”

When and where can you find her?!

Buti Yoga and Young Warriors starting in March!



Garry Appel

Taking Gary’s class feels like a transportation into bliss. It is clear from the moment he speaks that he lives and breathes yoga. Go check out his class to experience this unique magic.

When asked why he teaches, he explains “I teach yoga to help others explore the many blessings of this practice.”

When and where can you find him?!

Monday | 4:00pm Power Vinyasa @ Golden Triangle

Thursday | 10:00am Deep Stretch & Meditation @ Five Points

Lisa Parente

Lisa brings magic into the studio by incorporating Reiki. She encourages students to step out of their comfort zones and tap into the inner child that resides within. She also has a fantastic taste in music. 

When asked why she teaches, she explains, “I teach yoga to create a safe space for others to focus on self reflection and discovery. I offer a space where others can unwind and discover their inner light. Within each of us is a light. A light that holds our truth. Through this work of mind body connection, movement, breath and self reflection we allow ourselves to peel back the layers that hold this inner light. A light that should be shared with the world. The work done on the mat allows us to ignite what’s inside and be taken off the mat. The work is constant. The love is constant. Healing is constant.”

When and where can you find her?!

Thursday | 7am Power Vinyasa @ Five Points 

Every first Friday of the month deep house yoga with live Dj @ Golden Triangle 8pm

About the Author: Sadie’s mission is to help heal the physical and mental pain we all have by remembering and reminding that we are more the same than we are different. She shares her voice through teaching yoga at The River, writing blogs, and singing with her Ukulele. She hopes that by being vulnerable herself, others will feel empowered to join too. Sadie is a practitioner, teacher and student of yoga. She uses the founding principles of the practice to guide her own growth and writing outside of the studio. Learn more about her journey.

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