The River 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2022

The River Yoga’s 300hr Advanced Teacher Training commits to celebrating, enriching and transforming our trainees into influencers and leaders, living from a space of integrity and innovation. Our program fosters excellence and independence for teachers to discover their personal potential, unique voice and individualized offerings in their community . This training intends to cultivate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution of yoga teachers through discipline, loving-kindness (Metta) and passion.



January 26 – December 14, 2022

  • Weeknights: Wednesdays 5-9pm (every other)
  • Weekends: Friday 5-9pm (virtual) and Saturday + Sunday 10am-6pm (one per month)
  • 12 weekends (must complete 10 out of 12): Jan 28-30, Feb 25-27, March 25-27, April 22-24, May 20-22, June 17-19, July 15-17, Aug 12-14, Sept 9-11, Oct 7-9, Nov 4-6, Dec 2-4


Through contact hours and independent study, teachers refine their ability to sequence, theme and hold space in vinyasa classes. We encourage a teacher’s creative expression: to read a class, mindfully cue, intentionally use props, and intuitively assist. Trainees explore breathwork, subtle-gross body relationship, meditation and many other aspects of yogic tradition, as we honor its philosophy, ritual, and reverence. Participants must have completed a 200-hour teacher training to sign up for the full training or continuing education modules. A full list of what to bring and requirements will be sent upon acceptance to the training or continuing education module.


We aim to build a meaningful community of understanding and connection. This is a platform crafted for teachers to grow,  guide and uphold authentic and inclusive yoga classes for every person to awaken both on and off the mat.


We are all just walking each other hOMe.” -Ram Dass

Surround yourself with passionate individuals, on a path hOMe, rekindling authentic self-understanding and unique expression. Interested trainees have completed a 200-hour program and are interested in connecting with the deeper aspects of yoga, themselves and their community. Whether you plan on teaching in a classroom setting or would like to further integrate these teachings into your daily life, The River’s 300-hour training is here to support the path of self-reflection and provide you the space to rediscover your voice and place in this world.

Registration/Investment: $4,500, Early Bird (save $500) by November 2, 2021.

  1. Apply at: 300 Hour
  2. Register and submit $500 non-refundable* deposit here: Deposit
  3. You will be notified of an admissions decision via email. If admitted you will be provided with next steps to complete enrollment.

*Deposit will be refunded to those not admitted to teacher training.

Partial cholarships are also available. Apply here by October 27, 2021. Scholarships will be awarded by November 2, 2021. Contact for more info and questions.

The training will be a year-long journey beginning January 26 and ending December 14, 2022.

Those participating in the training will meet on two Wednesdays of each month. The weekends are more flexible as we allow you to select your own schedule based on the core module and requirements and optional weekends. Individual weekend modules require attendance on Friday evening from 5:30-8:30pm (virtual) and both Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Format of the training:

  • Trainees will participate in 10 out of 12 weekends offered. 
  • Trainees will attend 25 Wednesday evenings.
  • Make up hours are available. Contact for details and costs.

Information Session Dates:

Meet lead instructors and ask any questions you may have. Come for a FREE class and stay for the info session after. All sessions will be held in-person and virtual.

  • Thursday, September 30th 6pm at Sunnyside with Christen Bakken
  • Wednesday, October 27th 6:15pm at Golden Triangle with Steph Winsor 
  • Tuesday, November 30th 6pm with at Sunnyside with Christen Bakken
  • Wednesday, January 12th 6:15pm at Golden Triangle with Steph Winsor

Please email with any questions or if you cannot make one of the above info sessions. 

How do I know if I am ready? Has it been too long since my last training? Is it too soon after my 200-hour training?

This is a tough question for anyone to answer other than you, but the answer is you are more ready than you think. As a yoga teacher, you will likely be a lifelong learner. If you have waited a while since your original training, even if you never took on teaching, then lets reignite the spark. If you just finished a training program and still feel really new at it, we also know that you will only grow by committing to learning. We will likely take trainings for the rest of my life. Each training we have enrolled in has been perfectly timed and increased our impact as a teacher and human. If your heart and mind are calling for new knowledge, strongly consider enrolling.

Will the 300 hour be like my 200 hour? Will there be practice teaching? Will it mostly be lectures?

Every 200-hour is different, but inside of a 200-hour there is usually a big emphasis is building the skills to stand in front of a room and teach. Also, in most 200-hour programs, lots of mini-lectures are offered on specific areas of yogic study but the retention and reiteration of this content are not required. In The River 300-hour, each weekend will have unique content. The unique content will be offered with the intention of enhancing your teaching. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice within the training and practicing teaching will still be a component, but the big difference is as a trainee you will have the opportunity to find and commit to areas of study that light you up. As a teacher of yoga, you will learn to incorporate and share these areas with students in a drop-in class. The 300-hour training will go deep into yoga and call upon your existing ability to stand up and teach from your 200-hour training.

What will the requirements beyond our time together include? Is there homework? What is the independent study project?

As a 300-hour participant, you will complete 300 contact hours together at the studio or together online. In addition to our time together, each trainee will complete an independent study project 18 total hours spread out across the year-long journey. Beyond this assignment, preparation will be asked of each trainee as they take the opportunity to practice teach to their peers.

Do I have to complete all 300 hours in one sitting? Can I sign up for just a couple of weekends?

Participation in The River 300-hour content is created specifically for full training enrollees. The content will build on each weekend, be specifically crafted to help the individuals enrolled grow, and will be intuitively adjusted to meet the group’s needs.



To help make the course affordable, we have payment plan options. Payment plans cost $100 additional.  Your balance will be split into 11 separate, equal payments charged on the 1st of the month, beginning Feb 1 and finishing on Dec 1, 2022. For more information on our partial scholarships, email  or happy here. Applications are due no later than November 2, 2021 to qualify for this round.

Lead Instructors

Christen Bakken | she/her

500 E-RYT, YACEP®, Co-Lead of 200-hour and 300-hour500 E-RYT,

Christen’s yoga journey began in 1998 in a Bikram studio that provided a safe and secure place to practice. She saw the yoga mat as a place to remember her purpose and a place to play. As she continued her studies, Christen infused yoga with devotion and the yoga mat becomes a place of personal transformation and healing. Her classes are filled with laughter, song, sweat, and usually heartopeners.

Steph Winsor | she/her

500 Hour RYT, C0-Lead for 300 Hour YTT

With a scratchy voice and infectious giggle, Steph has a way of brightening any room. A personal love and professional commitment to supporting optimal health, healing, and spiritual opening has led her to infuse her style with material that is both light and of depth. Steph leads yoga, meditation, and educational courses that braid together traditional wisdom of the ancient East and evidence-based Western science. This is often done alongside her sense of humor, powerful physical adjustments, and through metaphor.  Her interest in supporting traumatic brain injury survivors and yogis through her work with LoveYourBrain Foundation led her to obtain a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and Education from Teachers College, Columbia University (New York, NY) in 2020. Her studies and clinical research are rooted in the efficacy of integrative health interventions, Yoga, neurorehabilitation, and psychology. Ultimately, Steph believes play is the greatest form of research, and your life is your greatest experiment…She knows you’ll need good technique, Love, and good company to stay committed to that great work.